Marine Boat Calorifiers

A calorifier is an efficient and easy way of hearing water in your boats domestic water system, heating water in your taps, shower and galley.

Free hot water!

Our caliofiers have an inlet for cold water but then uses a link directly from the engine calling system to heat the inner coil and in turn, your water. This means that a boat calorifier can provide you with free hot water while motoring or charging batteries.

Stainless Steel

All our marine and narrow boat calorifiers are made from stainless steel and have been designed to maximise performance and health benefits. When compared to stainless steel or other plastic materials, stainless steel has very good anti-bacterial qualities and give clean sanitary water right through your boat. The technology within the caloroifier ensure quick transfer of heat giving you hot water quickly when you need it.


All our Telford Calorifiers have been rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality and reliability and all come with the lifetime manufacturers guarantee.

How does it work?

The water that is stored within the calorifier is heated to roughly 85°C, which is the same temperature of that the boat engine reaches.  The calorifiers then use a thermostatic mixer valve to combine this water with cold water to give the required water temperature that you need.


Installing your calorifier is quite straight forward and they are easy to connect p to your your boat’s water system.

If you would like more information on how to install your marine or narrow boat calories please click the below or contact us on 0161 748 5662, we are more than happy to help.