Installing a Boat Calorifier

Installing a calorifier to your boats hot water system is quite straight forward.

You will need:

  • A pressurised water system – including a pressure pump that re-pressurises the tap water. If you boat doesn’t already have this they are easy to convert.
  • A separate hot water circuit – this needs to be separate from your cold water circuit. They will both run from your pressurised system, but your hot will run from the calorifier.
  • A suitable space – as near to the engine as possible and preferable below the header tank for the engine cooling system.

The engine cooling system is modified so that the coolant passes from the engine through the calorifier and back through the water pump to the engine. This heats the water contained in the body of the calorifier the same way as in a domestic hot water tank. The calorifier also has fitted an immersion heater which can be run on shore power when alongside and ‘plugged in’, thus giving hot water without the need to run the engine. Calorifiers are insulated so once heated the water remains hot for some time.

The calorifier is supplied with cold water from the water tank through a water pressure pump. An accumulator tank should be fitted to take up the fluctuations in pressure of the water thus smoothing the flow of water and acting as a safety valve for the system.

Calorifiers come in different water capacities, as do the pressure pumps and accumulator tanks, so if you are unsure of which equipment you need call us on 0161 748 5662 for free, no obligation advice.